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Island Tribe FAQ's

Q. Do any Island Tribe sunscreens contain nanoparticles?

A. All Island Tribe sunscreens are free of nanoparticle ingredients.


Q. Do Island Tribe products provide UVA and UVB protection?

A. All Island Tribe Lotions and Clear Gel Formulas provide both UVA and UVB protection, also known as ' broad spectrum protection.'


Q. What is the difference between UVA (short and long), UVB, and UVC rays?

A. All UV rays are emitted from the sun. The highest energy UV ray, C, is filtered out by the ozone layer and never reaches the earth.

The UVB rays cause burning and thus have an immediate effect on the skin. UVB rays stop at the upper layers of the skin and do not penetrate further. UVB rays cause approximately 80 per cent of all skin damage.

UVA rays (both short and long) cause the long-term effects of premature wrinkling and aging of the skin. These rays penetrate deep into the skin. Most sunscreens protect against the UVB and short UVA rays.

All Island Tribe Sunscreens provide UVA and UVB protection.


Q. At what temperature should the product be stored?

A. Preferably, products should be stored at room temperature, however all Island Tribe products have been stability tested for usage at temperatures ranging from 48°C to 0°C.

I usually wear moisturiser under my makeup. Now I'd like to wear sunscreen on my face, too. In what order should I apply?

Apply moisturiser first, sunscreen second, and makeup last. For best results, allow some drying time between applications. For easier application, try Island Tribe Invisible Light Lotion, especially formulated for your face. These products contain moisturisers & Vitamin E as well as sunscreen, allowing you to skip a layer during application.


Q. What is SPF?

 A. SPF stands for sun protection factor. A sunscreen’s efficiency has been measured by its SPF. SPF is not an amount of protection per se. Rather, it indicates how long it will take for UVB rays to redden skin when using a sunscreen, compared to how long skin would take to redden without the product.

Eg. someone using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will take 15 times longer to redden than without the sunscreen. An SPF 15 sunscreen screens 93 percent of the sun’s UVB rays; SPF 30 protects against 97 percent; and SPF 50, 98 percent.


Q. How do I know what SPF I need?

A. You need to take into consideration a number of factors. How long will you be out in the sun? What is the UV Index for the day? What time of day will you be out and what activity will you be doing? And, most importantly, what is your skin type?

If I apply a lotion with an SPF 8 and then put an SPF 15 on top of it, does that mean that I'm actually wearing an SPF 23?

SPF numbers don't add up the way you might think. Using an SPF 8 and SPF 15 together won't allow you to remain in the sun 23 times longer than without protection. It's not additive. You need to determine how long you'll be in the sun, along with your skin type, and choose the appropriate SPF level for you.

I've heard that you don't need more than SPF 15. Is that true?

For fair and very fair-skinned people, an SPF 15, and in many instances an SPF 50, does not provide enough protection on a very sunny day in the summer, and remember, the longer you are in the sun, the higher SPF level you need.


Q. Why do some people tan and others burn?

A. The reaction of our skin to sun, either burning or tanning, is based on genetics, we inherit our ability to tan or burn. In general, fair-skinned people often burn and are rarely able to tan. Darker skins, with their increased melanin, have more natural protection, but no one is immune to sun damage.


What questions about skin type should I consider when choosing sun protection?


Q. Are your memories of the beach filled with thoughts of blistering sunburns?

A. If so, you need a product that offers strong protection from the sun. Try Island Tirbe SPF 50+ Clear Gel.


Q. Do you burn moderately and tan gradually?

A. Just because you eventually tan, it doesn't mean you don't need protection. Rather, make sun products with an SPF 15 or even an SPF 50+ part of your daily routine. Try Island Tribe SPF 50+ Invisibile Dry Touch Lotion or Clear Gel.


Q. Do you have dark hair and eyes and skin that always tans and never burns? 

A. You, too, need protection from the sun's rays and from pigment blotchiness, a little-known side-effect of the sun that often afflicts darker skin tones. Use an SPF 50+ when exposed to the sun. Try Island Tribe Clear Gel.


Q. If I am fair-skinned, can I tan at all? 

A. Yes, but most fair-skinned folks burn their way to a tan - which puts them at a much greater risk for skin cancer. If the idea of remaining a whiter shade of pale all summer makes you sad, self-tanners can safely put a smile on your face ... not to mention a healthy glow all over your body.


Q. Do I need to take extra precautions in the sun if I am taking medication?

A. Photosensitisation, an increased sensitivity to sun exposure, is a possible side effect of certain medications, including certain kinds of antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medicines, antihistamines and antidepressants. Consult your physician or pharmacist regarding photosensitisation related to any prescription medications.


Q. I was fine when I left the beach, so why am I sunburned now?

A. The redness associated with sunburns can take up to 24 hours to show. If you are outside and your skin begins to turn red, get out of the sun. You may already have a sunburn. Products such as Island Tribe Aloe Aftersun Gel can help soothe sunburned skin and help minimise peeling.


Q. At what age should my children begin wearing an SPF product?

A. Under six months is simply too young for a baby to even be exposed to the sun. A product specially designed for a baby is perfectly safe and necessary. All children should make diligent use of sun protection products as part of their daily regiment. Since 80 per cent of a person's lifetime sun damage occurs prior to the age of 18, using sun protection from an early age can ward off cosmetic and health problems in the future. All of the Island Tribe products are dermatolically tested for hyper sensitive skin and will not sting the eyes making it great for kids.

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